Timed Intercourse

When conception is desired, correct timing of sexual relations is crucial. Couple must be directed about the exact time, just prior to or during ovulation. There are several signals sent out by a woman’s body that indicate that she is ready to conceive.

Timing of ovulation can be detected by various methods such as a rise in basal body temperature, cervical mucus changes and LH surge. Prediction methods are growing in popularity but these can be time consuming, expensive and the whole effort causes undesired anxiety and stress in the couple. Picking up these changes by various modalities is not reliable.

Tracking of ovulation is best evident by ‘Ultrasound documentation’ The life span of an egg is 24 hours after it being released whereas the fertilizable lifespan of sperms is approximately 72 hours.

The fertility physicians at Indo Nippon IVF will guide you about this ‘fertilizable window’ in a timed intercourse cycle maximizing chances of natural conception.

How is a TIC cycle monitored?

Ovulation induction drugs may or may not be given from day 2/3 of cycle depending on patient profile. Ultrasound monitoring is done 4 to 5 times in the cycle to see the growth of follicles and endometrium. Injection for triggering ovulation is given and patient is advised when is the right time for trying. Pregnancy supporting medications are started from periovulatory period.

What are the Chances of success?

The evidence suggested that if the chance of a pregnancy following intercourse without ovulation prediction was 13%, the chance following timed intercourse would be between 14% and 23% and even more.

Am I a candidate for TIC?

TIC can be tried in a young couple who have recently started to try for a baby. Detailed infertility investigations like tube testing etc. can be followed once 3 to 4 such attempts are given. If tubes are open, semen parameters are normal with proper documented ovulation, excellent pregnancy rates are achieved.

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