Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing in MumbaiNot only the woman but the men also suffer from infertility after a certain age. With time, more and more men are opting for Sperm Freezing as a sincere effort to ensure that they face no difficulties in becoming a father at a later age. It helps you out when with passing time, your sperm count decreases. At Indo Nippon IVF, we will take complete care of every problem related to fertility, which you are having. Our expert team of doctors will help you out with the sperm freezing process. Before knowing about the benefits of the process, let’s check out why people tend to use this process.

  1. Advanced Age
  2. Decreasing sperm quantity and quality
  3. Different medical reasons, like cancer, etc.
  4. Pre-vasectomy patients.
  5. People who live a risky life or the people who can’t spend too much time with their families due to work commitment.
  6. People going through a sex-change operation.

Now, these are the cases where people like to freeze their sperms for a healthy baby. For the people who still have questions regarding the process, let’s check out the benefits which we get from it.

  • Very Effective : The process is very simple, safe and effective. It was used for the first time way back in 1953. Since then, the scientists are constantly working on the process and it led to the advanced and improved process which we use today. Not all, but most number of sperms survive after the completion of the freezing and the thawing process. There is no such specific time discovered yet till which the sperms can survive. But more than 40 years frozen sperms are used successfully till now.
  • Suitable to Use : The frozen sperms can be used in fertility treatments such as IVF. There is a two-day schedule for sperm collection. If required, they can be collected again after 48 hours.
  • Pocket-Friendly : The cost of the process is very low when compared to female fertility preservation procedures. You can check out the fee and different details on the process by contacting Indo Nippon IVF.

Every person using Sperm Freezing gets relaxed knowing that now he can have healthy babies after a certain age too. There are few other fertility preservation options, too and some great tips and tricks to improve your fertility. Just consult with fertility doctors at Indo Nippon IVF and you will feel the change instantly.


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Sperm Freezing
Sperm Freezing

Not only the woman but the men also suffer from infertility after a certain age.

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