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Fertility preservation at Indo Nippon IVF

Every human being has an immense desire of becoming a parent. However, sometimes, life has its own plans and somehow, having a child gets delayed. This can be either for a medical reason or a conscious decision taken by an individual or a couple for any other personal reason. In these cases, it is very important that the fertility of the individual is protected, till such a time that he or she is ready to have a child.

At Indo Nippon IVF, we are very sensitive to this need of Fertility Preservation for either a man or a woman or a couple. Fertility preservation is the process of preserving or protecting gametes or tissues, be it eggs, sperms, ovarian tissue or testicular tissue. The expert team of Embryologists at Indo Nippon IVF, led by our Founder & Scientific Director Goral Gandhi, ensures that these cells or tissues are safely cryopreserved using absolutely cutting edge technology and stored in our cryotanks till the day that the patient’s dream of becoming a parent is fulfilled.

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We at Indo Nippon IVF offer the following types of fertility preservation for females and males :

1. Egg freezingEgg freezing is a method to preserve a women’s egg with a view to them being used in the future. This significant step in fertility treatments enables women to take advantage of their body’s fertility at a time when their eggs are the healthiest.

2. Sperm freezing : Sperm freezing is a method to collect, analyze, freeze and store a man’s sperm. The sample is later used for fertility treatments or donated to other couples or individuals to attain pregnancy. The process is termed as cryo-preservation or sperm banking.

3. Fertility preservation for Cancer patientsIn case of cancer patients who are regularly going through chemo-therapies and radiations, preserving the egg or sperm can be life saver. Samples can later be used for fertilization.


Egg Freezing
Egg Freezing

All women share a common dream of becoming a mother. Female fertility begins declining in the late 20’s,

Sperm Freezing
Sperm Freezing

Not only the woman but the men also suffer from infertility after a certain age.

IVF In India
Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients

We always ensure the best Embryo to be developed and transferred through the use of PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening).

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