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IVF Clinics In MumbaiBeginning an IVF cycle is an exciting and anxious time for a couple. Our Center provides couples with the maximum amount of clinical, emotional, and administrative support they will need to complete their “cycle” successfully – whether it results in a pregnancy or not.

Who Needs IVF Treatment?

Couple who lived together and in relationship without using any contraceptive for couple of year but not able to conceive then they must go for investigation for infertility problem. Infertility may be due to female causes or due to male causes or both. IVF Process In Mumbai help both to be treated and have a right solution for them.

Segmented IVF Treatment and Conventional IVF Treatment

In conventional IVF treatment, the woman is given very high dose hormonal injections to make multiple eggs (usually 10—12) in her ovaries. All these eggs are fertilised and between one to three embryos are transferred back into the uterus in the same cycle. The stimulation with these intense drugs does not make for an ideal uterine environment for the embryos. The endometrial lining during an ovarian stimulation cycle is usually less favorable to implantation due to a variety of factors like immunological disruption, unfavorable estrogen/progesterone ratio and changes in hormones. All these can reduce the chances of implantation. Segmented IVF Cycles are able to overcome all these shortcomings of conventional IVF and at Our IVF Clinic Mumbai we do investigation to choose from best IVF process.

Segmentation of IVF treatments cycle means that the embryo transfer is not done in the fresh stimulated cycle. Segmented IVF cycles are ones where all of the embryos are frozen and no fresh embryo transfer is performed. These cryopreserved embryos are subsequently used in a programmed frozen embryo transfer cycle. The embryos are put back in a uterine environment that is more conducive to implantation.

The benefits of Segmented IVF are clear. The Segmented IVF treatments Mumbai Cycles give higher success rates than conventional IVF. The increased pregnancy rates in these cycles are due to several factors. First, in stimulated IVF treatment cycles, the endometrial lining is slightly out of phase with the embryo development. Secondly, the endometrial development can be over stimulated (thicker) or under developed when compared to normal physiologic cycles. Thirdly, the ovaries in these cycles are hyperstimulated and are at an increased risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) should a pregnancy result from the fresh transfer.

Segmented IVF in India is able to eliminate all of these shortcomings. At Indo Nippon IVF, we use Cryotech Vitrification,  the most efficient method to cryopreserve your precious embryos. Our embryo survival rate from the freeze/thaw process is over 99%. This means that there is virtually no loss of embryos during this process, and we get back all of the embryos that we preserve. This allows us to use a programmed hormone replacement cycle to create an ideal physiologic endometrial lining and precise timing for the embryo transfer. Since the ovaries are not stimulated it eliminates ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

The combination of all these factors have resulted in a much higher pregnancy rates for Segmented IVF Cycles.

How Successful is IVF treatment at Indo Nippon IVF CLinic Mumbai?

Normally the success rate vary from 40 to 60% and at our IVF Centre in Mumbai is above 50% and at par the best in the IVF sector. The IVF treatment India success rate varies with the age of couple also quality of number of eggs go down. But as we have best trained IVF doctors  In Mumbai and best IVF procedures and experienced personnel, with state of the art laboratory we persistently maintain very high success rates.

To schedule your appointment with our IVF Clinic Mumbai and highly skilled specialists at Indo Nippon IVF, click on the Contact Us link or write to us at or call on +91 9821618106.


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