IVF Lite treatment is our unique minimal stimulation IVF protocol.

embryologist in indiaIVF LITE OVERVIEW:

It is a gentle approach to fertility care. It differs from Conventional IVF in its use of a minimal amount of medication to stimulate the ovaries so they produce fewer but better quality eggs. It is milder than Conventional IVF on the patients’ bodies as well as pockets.


  • A personalised stimulation protocol to produce 2-5 good quality eggs
  • Egg retrieval and fertilization using the most appropriate method
  • Culture upto the blastocyst stage and grading of blastocysts
  • Freezing of embryos (using the most advanced Cryotec Vitrification method)
  • Accumulate 3-4 good quality blastocysts
  • A remote Frozen Embryo Transfer

PGT – A (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy) would be recommended and performed for indicated cases to select a euploid, chromosomally normal embryo.


IVF Lite works as the best IVF treatment process for women which have issues like:

  • Advanced Maternal Age (AMA), over the age of 36 years
  • Low ovarian reserve (Poor Responders)
  • Previous failed conventional IVF cycles
  • Risk of rising Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Suffering from cancer and seeking treatment
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes

IVF Lite has also come up as the most preferred process for all the patients who are:

  • Looking forward to reduce treatment costs
  • Looking to reduce the risk involved in multiple pregnancy
  • Looking forward togo through another fresh IVF cycle right after a failed IVF cycle


Ms Goral Gandhi, Founder, Director at Indo Nippon IVF, who has worked with thousands of eggs and embryos for over 25 years says that IVF Lite gives rise to superior quality, genetically normal embryos.

“Less is more” as far as the number of eggs retrieved in one IVF cycle is concerned. When more aggressive treatment methods are used, as with conventional IVF, although more eggs are produced, good quality, usable eggs are only about 4-5. In our IVF Lite protocol, we aim at producing just 3-5 high quality eggs in one cycle.

IVF Lite (Mini IVF) offers hope to all those couples who have struggled to conceive for years. It gives a real chance to women to become mothers using their own genetic eggs, instead of using Donor Eggs. We take great pride in making patients pregnant and giving them their own genetic baby.


In the expert hands of Indo Nippon team, our results of IVF Lite (Mini IVF) for poor responders and advanced maternal age (AMA) patients are better than conventional IVF. We have an extremely high pregnancy and live birth rate for this difficult group of patients. We take pride in the fact that we are successful at getting those patients pregnant with their own genetic eggs, who have been asked to undergo Donor EGG IVF by other IVF centers in Mumbai, India. In fact IVF Lite works beautifully for all groups of patients, not just poor responders. Our Scientific Director Goral Gandhi believes that IVF Lite (Mini IVF) is the future of IVF in Mumbai.


Our IVF protocols are gentle, closer to nature and successful. Our Founder Goral Gandhi is recognized globally as a leading pioneer in the vitrification technology, which is the cornerstone of a successful IVF Lite protocol. She has published a comparison paper between IVF Lite (minimal stimulation) and conventional IVF and brought out the advantages of minimal stimulation and IVF Lite. (Please download the PDF file)


We at Indo Nippon IVF believe in closely investigating each individual couple’s unique indications. We then tailor-make a very specific treatment plan for you, as per your specific needs.

IVF Lite needs a highly experienced team and cutting edge technologies to be successful. It is important to work with a clinic having a huge experience in this treatment.
Call on +91 22 26552000 / +91 9821618106 to schedule an appointment with our team of experts.

Our IVF Lite International Peer-reviewed Publication (Click to download the PDF):

  1. IVF Lite – A new strategy for managing poor ovarian responders. Gandhi GN, Allahbadia GN, Kagalwala S, Khatoon A, Hinduja R, Allahbadia A. IVF Lite 2014;1:22-8.


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