embryologist in indiaThe core motive during the Conventional IVF is to produce as many eggs as possible for further fertilization and implantation. Although the aim is to produce 10-12 eggs in each cycle of Conventional IVF, there are several limitations to this approach. Some of the drawbacks of conventional stimulation include the cost as well as side-effects of the drugs used for stimulation.

On the other hand, IVF Lite™ (Mini IVF) offers a holistic approach to fertility care and provides a moderate substitute to Conventional IVF. It involves minimal medication for the stimulation of ovaries to get a few eggs of very good “quality. In IVF Lite™ (Mini IVF), the focus is mainly on getting just 3-5 eggs. Recent evidence has proved that these few eggs are of better quality and have higher chances of fertilization and further developing into a healthy baby. Our Founder and Scientific Director Ms Goral Gandhi has a huge experience with IVF Lite (Mini IVF) and have published their results in a peer reviewed Medical Journal.

Indo Nippon IVF Lite Program:

At Indo Nippon IVF, for IVF Lite, we always ensure minimal stimulation process during the retrieval of eggs. The embryos developed from these eggs are cryopreserved using our excellent Cryotech Vitrification Program. Sometimes, the patient may need to undergo 2 or 3 of these retrieval cycles to accumulate a good pool of healthy embryos. If indicated, these embryos can be tested genetically using our Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) program. The embryos are then transferred into the uterus after preparing the endometrium for maximum implantation chances. Needless to say, our excellent success of IVF Lite (Mini IVF in India) with the minimal stimulation approach is attributed to our fantastic team of highly skilled doctors and embryologists.

In the expert hands of Indo Nippon team, our results of IVF Lite (Mini IVF) for poor responders and advanced maternal age (AMA) patients are better than conventional IVF. We have an extremely high pregnancy and live birth rate for this difficult group of patients. I fact, we take pride in the fact that we are successful at getting those patients pregnant with their own eggs, who have been asked to undergo Donor EGG IVF by other IVF centers in Mumbai, India. In fact IVF Lite works beautifully for all groups of patients, not just poor responders.  Our Scientific Director Goral Gandhi  believes that IVF Lite (Mini IVF) is the future of IVF in Mumbai.

Moreover, one cycle of IVF Lite (Mini IVF) comes at almost half the cost and double the success rates in selected patients group. During the IVF Lite the patient doesn’t need to spend big on their fertility drugs & only three injections are required during the treatment cycle with less costs and minimal side effects.

The IVF Lite (Mini IVF) procedure is mild, natural, and more successful than the conventional IVF procedures.  We at Indo Nippon were the first Indian Team to establish this technology in 2010 in collaboration with other Japanese groups. We have also published a comparison paper between Conventional IVF and IVF Lite in a peer reviewed journal.

Bringing Revolutionary Technologies to India:

Here at Indo Nippon IVf , we offer a safe and patient friendly alternative  to Conventional IVF in the form of IVF Lite (Mini IVF). The principle approach underlying IVF Lite (Mini IVF) can be divided in two parts:

  1. Collection and vitrification of embryos
  2. Frozen Embryo Transfer

The success rates  in IVF Lite (Mini IVF) is better than the  Conventional IVF in older women, women with reduced ovarian reserve (poor responders) and PCOS women (hyper-responders). It has the added advantage of being an extremely patient friendly approach with minimal side effects.

Am I a suitable candidate for IVF LITE™ (MINI IVF) ?

IVF Lite™ works as the best IVF treatment process for Women which have issues like:

  • Risk of rising Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Low ovarian reserve (Poor Responders)
  • Advanced Maternal Age (AMA)
  • Suffering from cancer and seeking treatment
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes

IVF Lite™ has also come up as the most preferred process for all the patients who are:

  • Having undergone multiple failed Conventional IVF cycles
  • Looking forward to reduce treatment costs
  • Looking to reduce the risk involved in multiple pregnancy
  • Looking forward togo through another fresh IVF cycle right after a failed IVF cycle


We at Indo Nippon IVF believe in closely investigating each individual couple’s unique indications. We then tailor-make a very specific treatment plan for you, as per your specific needs. It is important to work with an IVF team having the expertise to design a customized IVF Lite (Mini IVF) treatment protocol for you. To schedule your appointment with our highly skilled specialists at Indo Nippon IVF, click on the Contact Us link or write to us at info@indonipponivf.com or call on +91 9821618106.

Our Group has published two International Text-books on Minimal Stimulation IVF:

Our IVF Lite International & National Peer-reviewed Publications (Click to download the PDF):

  1. IVF Lite – A new strategy for managing poor ovarian responders. Gandhi GN, Allahbadia GN, Kagalwala S, Khatoon A, Hinduja R, Allahbadia A. IVF Lite 2014;1:22-8.


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