Conventional IVF

ivf treatment in mumbaiWhile going ahead with an IVF cycle always comes as an exciting and Nervous journey altogether for the Couples, Our IVF Center always ensure all the medical, emotional, and organizational support they need during the course of their IVF treatment in Mumbai Cycle, irrespective of the result.

Moreover, there are certain stages which summarize the whole process during the course and the same are:


  • Ovarian Follicle – a small, fluid-filled structure in which eggs develop
  • Oocyte – an egg
  • Embryo – a fertilized egg that has undergone division cleavage

Watch this video to learn how IVF works:

Stage 1-Progression of Ovarian Follicle through Fertility drug stimulation

At Indo Nippon IVF, we always ensure best practices on board   to ensure a better progression of Ovarian Follicle through Fertility drug Stimulation.

Moreover, any additional Oocytes that go through the Fertilization process and further develop into embryos at can also be stored for future use through cryopreservation.

Also, the expansion, progression, and maturity level of the Ovarian Follicle can be calculated my monitoring them on a regular basis along with the ultrasounds. Usually blood tests are required to measure the Hormones levels in order to further analyze response from the Ovaries. Additionally, Ultrasound can be used during the cycle to have a correct assumption of the follicular size and its growth during the Phenomena.

The medical team which is taking care of the same phenomena gets assisted in changing the course of the treatment is whichever cases required and can also stall the treatment if not received the desirable results. It was when the Ovarian Follicle gets matured enough; the patient is injected with Intramuscular injection n which stimulates oocyte maturation and ovulation. It’s worth mentioning here that Oocyte extraction cab be carried on only after the completion of 34 to 35 hours to this process.

Stage II – Oocyte extraction via Puncture/Aspiration

It was once the healthy growth of follicles is confirmed with the help of Blood test and Ultrtasound; the process of ascertaining the developed follicles gets started. At Indo Nippon IVF, we usually undertake the same process within duration of 30 minutes. The medical teams first establish the Follicile through Ultrasonic assistance analyze them further. The Substances of the follicles are instantly then be transferred to the IVF lab and the patients under observations gets discharged after the Oocyte retrieval as it just take them around 2-3 hours in getting recovered.

Stage III.- Oocyte Culture, Insemination, and Fertilization

During this process, follicular fluid is scanned under a microscope in the IVF lab to establish all eggs, which gets further nurtured in a special media. Usually, the collection of semen happens when the egg is extracted but in few cases, it can be done few hours later too. Once the process gets through, the sperms are mixed with the eggs in a lab dish to ensure fertilization. The Embryos which gets developed as a result will then be gathered and stored in the incubator till they are required for the process of embryo transfer and/or cryopreservation.

Stage IV.- Embryo Transfer

IVF Treatments In Mumbai

The next stage is the transfer of Embryos. Usually, this process gets carried upon after 3- 4 days of the retrieval. The Development of the embryos first get checked with a microscope and carefully shifted into a thin transfer catheter. The same catheter is then set up into the uterus through the cervix where the embryos are positioned. As the whole process only takes few minutes, there’s no requirement of Anesthesia required during the same. Moreover, there can be only 3-4 embryos which can be transferred at the same time.

Once the process gets through, the patient is recommended two hours of rest before the discharge which must be followed by 4 days of complete bed rest. The same gets followed by a serum based pregnancy test which occurs after Twelve days of embryo transfer. The Patients are advised to stay light on their physical activity routine and stay in contact with the center during the whole period. Moreover, if the pregnancy isn’t achieved within the same duration, our team would then review the whole IVF cycle and will make specific recommendations further. The Clinical staff will also discuss the same with the patient during the course.


We, at Indo Nippon IVF brings in use Vitrification, which is one of the most advanced technology for cryopreservation (freezing) of embryos and eggs,

While the eggs are already collected from the patients going through the IVF treatment, the same eggs are then fertilized along with a sperm and are scanned further for the Fertilization process. These Fertilized eggs are termed as embryos and the concerned patient can have more than one high quality embryos appropriate for the transfer process into the Uterus. Moreover, only few of the high quality embryos are chosen for the transfer in the uterus and the remaining high quality ones are then stored for the future use with the help of Cryopreservation.

It’s worth mentioning here that Embryos were used to be cryopreserved using a slow freeze method, but the survival rate of cryopreserved embryos using this methods was only about 70%.That was the reason new methods and techniques have been put on place.

IVF Treatments In MumbaiVitrification is the most advanced technique of cryopreserving embryos and even the recent studies have confirmed the fact that survival rates of vitrified embryos are much better than survival rates of slow freeze embryos. That’s why we at Indo Nippon IVF Treatments In Mumbai bring in use only the best and most advanced methods and technologies like   Cryotech Vitrification and as a result, we can proudly quote the fact that embryos’ survival rate in our laboratory is about 98% .Also, the results within the same process are quite magnificent and hence we, at Indo Nippon IVF proudly offer this most advanced technology to all our valued patients who would like to cryopreserve their embryos.


IVF Treatments Mumbai
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ivf treatments in mumbai

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