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Indo Nippon IVF’s vision has always been to promote an approach to fertility treatment that offers the best chance of success and reduces the emotional, physical and financial burden associated with Assisted Reproductive Therapies.

Team Indo Nippon IVF has many firsts to their credit, including India’s first trans–ethnic surrogate pregnancy involving a Chinese couple’s baby delivered by an unrelated Indian surrogate mother. In keeping with our dedication to keep abreast of innovative, cutting edge technologies, we are the first team in India to have introduced IVF Lite which specialises in drug-free (Natural Cycle IVF) and low drug approaches (IVF Lite) and it gives us immense satisfaction to have helped hundreds of women and families in their fertility journey.

It is a certain kind of joy and immense satisfaction knowing that in our journey as a team of Reproductive  Endocrinologist and Clinical Embryologist, we have helped hundreds of women and families in their fertility journey.

After two decades of giving a chance to women in all circumstances, we have gained enough expertise in dealing with complex and difficult fertility problems and it is very satisfying to say that we have even helped many women who had actually, been turned away, from other IVF clinics. But, what is most fascinating as well as educative is that every patient had their own struggles, their own difficulties to overcome and their own journey dealing with infertility.