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Egg donation in MumbaiHere at Indo Nippon IVF, we understand that most donor egg recipients are eager to start treatment as quickly as possible. Whether you choose an individual or a shared cycle or frozen donor eggs process, we eliminate delays and administrative barriers, so you can proceed with treatment when it is convenient for you and offer Egg Freezing In Mumbai.

The time frame may vary based on pre-cycle testing, compatibility with the donor’s schedule and other factors, but the time between choosing an egg donor process and embryo transfer is short for most patients. Patients who have undergone traditional IVF typically, find that Egg Donors Mumbai India for which IVF Process is a far easier treatment.

Below is the most common process for Egg Donation IVF patients :

  1. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our Physicians (infertility specialists) who will hand hold you through the process. Your physician will review your medical history and order appropriate “pre-cycle” testing at that time.
  2. Working in conjunction with your physician, you will go through the egg donor profile Mumbai, India selection process, but the choice of an egg donor is always up to you as per affordable egg donation cost in Indo nippon IVF, Mumbai. Your Physician will also work with you throughout the entire Donor Egg IVF treatment process, including egg donor selection, cycle coordination, egg retrieval and transfer of embryos.
  3. Next, you will begin your pre-cycle testing. These tests often include a hysteroscopic uterine evaluation, hormone testing, infectious disease testing, and semen analysis. Additional tests may be required depending on your specific circumstances.
  4. Select one or more possible egg donors. Donor Egg IVF cycles can match one egg donor to one recipient (Full Crop Of Eggs) or one egg donor to two recipients (Shared Crop). Regardless of whether a patient chooses Full or Shared Crop, treatment can begin as soon as possible.
  5. Schedule a follow-up consultation with your physician to review your pre-cycle test results. Your physician will recommend a treatment plan at this time. Donor Egg ivf cost varies from patient to patient.
  6. The donor match is finalized when the pre-cycle testing and physician follow-up are completed, your selected egg donor is available and you decide you are ready to start a Egg Donation Process & IVF cycle in Indo nippon IVF in Mumbai.
  7. Based on your menstrual cycles, your egg donor’s menstrual cycles and any schedule conflicts, your Physician will provide you with your “calendar.” The calendar is a list of dates and instructions for medications as well as a schedule for blood work and sonogram testing to monitor your response to the medications. If you choose to use frozen donor eggs, your Physician will provide you with a detailed schedule for treatment.
  8. The cycle is initiated after you and your donor’s “baseline” blood work and sonogram show that physiological parameters are ready to begin medication. Egg retrieval takes place approximately 10-14 days after cycle initiation. Embryo transfer will happen 3-5 days later and a pregnancy test will be done 9-11 days after embryo transfer.

Realizing Your Dream

Egg donation MumbaiOnce your pregnancy is established, there is nothing that distinguishes a Donor Egg IVF pregnancy from any other. Your body simply takes over and pregnancy, delivery and lactation, all happen naturally. Your child is yours before the very first heartbeat.

To schedule your appointment with our highly skilled specialists at Indo Nippon IVF & Egg Donor Process in Mumbai, India, click on the Contact Us link or write to us at or call on +91 9821618106.


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