right fertility doctor

How to Choose the Right Fertility Doctor for Your Specific Case?

Finding the right specialist is a daunting task, be it for any cause like Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrician or any other. Any couple battling with infertility knows what it is to find the right doctor for them. Generally if a couple has tried to conceive for one year whilst having unprotected sex, and are unsuccessful, there are high chances of Infertility issues with either of the partner. There are a number of fertility treatments available and you must pick the one that is most suited for your specific case. There are few things that you must keep in mind before choosing your fertility doctor.Read More

fertility diet

Fertility Diet- The Do’s and Don’ts

The connection between diet and fertility -The fertility diet is called what it is because it contains components that support your ability to reproduce. It includes foods that are nutrient dense and that contain specific macro and micro nutrients required for cellular reproduction, fetal development, health of sperm and egg among other things.Read More

Right Egg Donor

Choosing the Right Egg Donor

“This journey of choosing an Egg Donor showed me how unique every person in this world is”

Having a baby on your own is the most cherished dream of most women.  Unfortunately, some women struggle a lot to have their own genetic baby and are advised to udergo Donor Egg IVF treatment.Read More

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms after an IVF Treatment

It is a very common thing these days, if you get to hear that a couple is unable to conceive a baby naturally. Blame the modern lifestyle or any other factor but this has become the recent talk of the town!

Thanks to the advancements and technologies that even this has a solution and an effective one – ‘Assisted Reproductive techniques’!Read More

My IVF Journey

My IVF Journey

Getting pregnant may not be easy for all, but it is definitely an amazing and adventurous journey for everyone!

Starting a family is the biggest and the most important step in a couple’s life. When I and my Husband first thought of starting a family, I was quite excited and full of all kinds of emotions at the same time. My mind was wandering around with random thoughts and questions about the entire How’s” and “what if’s” but what kept me going throughout was the ultimate result of being called a “Mother”.Read More


Common Questions About Miscarriages

Motherhood is a divine experience bestowed upon women by GOD! Getting pregnant is like a dream come true! That is what completes a female and makes it different from other sex. The thought of giving birth and producing a life is like a feeling beyond the world. But not all get to experience this natural blessing. The deep bond of love is developed as soon as the pregnancy is discovered. Losing a pregnancy can be heartbreaking for a mother-to-be and it is medically termed as “Miscarriage”. You can’t actually predict the happening of a Miscarriage and it could occur anytime between a Trimester and later stages of the pregnancy.Read More

Egg Freezing: Best Way to Preserve Your Fertility

While Infertility has already affected the lives of millions of couples around, preserving your fertility at an early age has emerged as a precaution that may be taken into consideration. Egg freezing (preserving a woman’s eggs/oocytes)is becoming a perfect way to maximize your chances of pregnancy at a later date. The process involves egg retrieval, freezing and storage. It is turning out to be a real blessing for women who are yet not ready to have a child, but wish to ensure that they don’t lose out on the race against time as far as their fertility potential is concerned. Unfortunately, people are yet not completely aware about many facts about egg freezing. Egg freezing, though gaining popularity with well-read population, remains largely an unknown topic for many. Let’s take a look at certain key points about preserving your fertility through Egg Freezing:Read More

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