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Egg Freezing: A Modern Term but a Social Stigma Still?

Years ago if we talked about Egg freezing not many would have even heard of this term. With time passing by the term got popular and also educated a lot of people regarding its positives. While some people still have a stigma associated to it, others have realized that with this progressing world and the advent of educated youth, the thought process needs to change as well. The major credit for this change goes to the “Women” themselves. Lack of education and unawareness made women feel guilty of a lot of things that were not associated to their rate of fertility. Not being able to bear a child was considered completely woman’s fault but now it’s made clear that both sexes play a crucial role and that they are informed. With women choosing their career over other things, it has been consciously adopted by them as the need of the hour.

A lot of acceptance came up for this term called “Egg freezing” when a lot of celebrities started going in for this option. Many actors, journalists, producers have chosen this a way to preserve their fertility keeping in mind their uncompromised state of career, which is a sign that the world has progressed.

Out of all celebs Miss World and miss India World of 1997 has been straight up in telling the world hoe she secured her motherhood using egg freezing. Diana froze her eggs while she was at the peak of her career and used those 10 years later to have babies. She is definitely an example to other girls in her fraternity. The concept of egg freezing has been internationally accepted as well with very prominent names coming up in the news to have chosen this method for securing their future. What better to hear than companies like Apple and Samsung announcing sponsored egg freezing for all their female employees so that they can work as and till they want to.

Quick basics of egg freezing-

One cannot stop time and so not the biological clock, but with egg freezing as an option you literally can! As a woman gets old her rate of fertility goes down with increased chances of abnormalities in the offspring like Down’s syndrome and other genetic syndromes. Thus egg freezing is a method to preserve her eggs and use them with her partner’s sperms or sperm from a donor and use them when she wants to. These eggs are retrieved from her ovaries using injecting hormones. This enables the ovaries to eject multiple eggs which are then retrieved by a small unaesthetic procedure called egg retrieval.

To use them further the frozen eggs are thawed and then fused with the sperm and implanted in the uterus of the female.

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Infertility Clinic in Bandra

How to Look Out for the Best Infertility Clinic in Bandra?

Every couple dreams of having a baby but not every one of them find success in the same process. This is where you can look out for the best infertility clinic in Bandra if you are someone coming from the surrounding areas. Finding the nearby Infertility clinic in Bandra is quite helpful and you can easily commute to the center via bus, train or even taxi.

Even if you are coming from the areas a bit far away from infertility clinic in Bandra, you must try reaching out there to get the best out of this infertility center in Mumbai. Still, before you get on board with any infertility clinic in Mumbai, you got to think about certain points in the process.

Available treatments and medical facilities

Before getting started with your IVF treatment process, you got to be assured of the available treatment and services at the given Infertility center in Bandra. You may find numerous around but you still have to pick with proven background and expertise in the same domain. You can check this out from their website and also read out the experience of previous patients on their social media page.

Infertility Clinic in Bandra

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Irregular periods: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

What is an irregular period-?

A period or menstruation is the part of the menstrual cycle where the endometrium which is the lining of the uterus is shed in the form of blood through the vagina. The normal length of a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days but it may vary from individual to individual. Irregular periods are the one where this length increases to 35 days or more. Irregular periods also called oligomenorrhea can occur due to a change in the contraception method, any hormonal imbalance – like during menopause or enduring exercises. Treatment for irregular periods during puberty and menopause is not required but if the periods are irregular during the reproductive years then a strict medical advice is required.Read More

Ovulation Cycle

Everything You Need to Know About Your Ovulation Cycle

What is ovulation? Ovulation is a process of the female body releasing a mature egg from the ovaries. It usually happens about 14 days before the start of the period and carries up to a few days which are considered to be the most fertile days of your cycle. During ovulation the hormones that play a role in the eggs release are- Luteinizing hormone (LH), Progesterone and oestrogen.Read More

Egg freezing FAQs

It is good to ask questions and clear your doubts. We at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai are here to solve the slightest of your query related to egg freezing or any other infertility treatment.

What is Egg freezing?

Egg freezing is oocyte (eggs) preservation chosen by women to postpone pregnancy at a later date, whether for medical reasons or for social reasons etc.

The eggs are frozen in labs under suitable favorable conditions and can be used anytime later at the time of conception.Read More

Questions About IVF

10 Common Questions about IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

A family is a bond that is longed and desired by all. In the age of latest advancements in the medical techniques and procedures, IVF is one technology that has recently grown its roots in all directions. The couples fighting infertility have been highly grateful to this invention of science and technology.  While there are many known answers about IVF to the couples there are many that are still confused with irrelevant information. Some common questions about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)-Read More

Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF- An Option to Increase IVF Success Chance

A failed IVF can be emotionally and financially devastating for any couple. In recent years the public awareness and acceptance for using IVF as a medium to grow your family has increased but still the donor egg IVF is a little less known and accepted. The old school thoughts and the shame of using someone else’s eggs for one’s own baby is a big barrier that comes in way of success of Donor Egg IVF. Using an egg donor is nothing bad, in fact if someone is able to help you in a way where you couldn’t help yourself – isn’t that a blessing? For women struggling with infertility, using donor eggs can be a bit upsetting.Read More

Cryopreservation and IVF

Cryopreservation and IVF

Cryopreservation is a much advanced and the most popular techniques of reproductive science that has helped many couples fight infertility and decide on for their future. Who would have thought that babies could actually “be planned?”Read More

Increase Your IVF Success Rate by Eliminating these Myths

Once a couple starts along with an IVF treatment, there are a lot of doubts and questions which goes through their minds during the same process. Still the main motive always remains to push the success rate of IVF process and this is where a lots of misconceptions and myths needs to be eliminated.

There are a lot of myths and facts related to IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques. There needs to be a proper understanding of these procedures to be clear enough about what’s right and what’s wrong. Read about a few myths explained by the fertility doctors in Mumbai:Read More

egg freezing

Egg Freezing: The Future of Assisted Reproduction!

Egg freezing is definitely the most important and the most looked out option by today’s generation because of the lifestyle and the routine people have now a days. The advancing techniques and technologies in cryopreservation have made this option an easy choice to opt for ladies who wish to get pregnant, but at a later stage in life.Read More

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