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IVF is a process that has given new hope to the couples struggling with infertility. It involves a lot patience, expertise and hard work of the team of doctors and the staff involved in the process for the treatment. Another major factor involved in the process is the IVF Treatment cost Mumbai. Since it is a complicated process with too many steps involved the cost structure is also a little more than normal. Patients coming for the IVF process know the length and the complexity of the process so they are mentally prepared for the expenses involved.

Best IVF cost In Mumbai also depends on the status of the fertility of the couple, both male and female. If the female’s egg is not healthy or if the male’s sperm quality is poor the couple opts for an Affordable IVF treatment in Mumbai. IVF is a highly specialized procedure of facilitating the fertilization of sperm and egg under controlled laboratory conditions to produce healthy embryos. Two to four embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus at one time; this is constituted as one cycle of IVF. Depending upon the success and the response from the patient the cycles are repeated. This is where the cost differs for every patient. Some patients are lucky enough to be successful in the first cycle, whereas some need number of repetitions of IVF cycle to see the fruits of success. The cost of one IVF cycle at Indo Nippon IVF depends upon the fertility levels and the patient’s previous medical history. At Indo Nippon IVF, we provide one of the best infertility treatments at affordable rates. We also provide financing options for patients convenience.

Best Ivf Cost in Mumbai

With so many advancements in technology recently the cost for IVF has risen as so many advanced techniques are being introduced. It is also noticed that in many cases a simple laparoscopy procedure or a hysteroscopy is enough to understand the cause of infertility and the patient is treated with the required tests and the processes involved and the problem is solved. So the cost structure varies from patient to patient. The infertility issues in the couple are thoroughly studied and examined by the team at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai and then the journey to the road of fighting with infertility starts. Right from the beginning our dream team of doctors headed by Goral Gandhi has one aim- delivering a baby to the couple who came to Indo Nippon IVF with so much of hope of being blessed with a child.

Indo Nippon IVF helps patients from the first step of the treatment till the process ends. The process starts with:

General enquiries – When the patient enquires about the treatments and fills up an enquiry form.

Appointment & Consultation- An appointment with the best doctors at Indo Nippon IVF is fixed to discuss the basic root cause of infertility which involves some tests and checkups.

Admission- After discussing with the patient about the causes and risks the patient is admitted for all the prescribed and for the further examinations that need to be done.

Medical procedures for IVF- The last step are when the cause is studied and the process starts.

IVF success- The success of IVF depends on the age and health of the woman. The quality of eggs that she is producing also affects the process. Normally women aged till 45 can go for a successful IVF. we at Indo Nippon IVF have given high success rates and fulfilled the dreams of the childless!!!

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