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What is Egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a process that allows women to freeze their eggs…Yes you read that right!! By doing this they can preserve their fertility for however long they want and have kids when they want to.

Why should you freeze your eggs?

Women are considered most fertile within the age 18-29. After this the quality and quantity of eggs produced declines. More so after 30 the declination is highest, so at this point of time it becomes difficult for any woman to conceive. With egg freezing as an option they can preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai and choose to delay motherhood. Egg freezing is also beneficial for women who have to undergo chemotherapy so they can choose to freeze their eggs prior to their treatment.

Egg freezing process-

Once a woman decided to freeze her eggs she can directly fix an appointment at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai and learn more about how she can proceed.

Fertility medications: The process starts with the production of a number of eggs for retrieval. The physicians at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai will prescribe medications to stimulate follicle growth and produce multiple eggs. The process is performed using a very fine needle inserted in the skin under the guidance of our staff.

Assessment of follicle growth: In this process after the stimulations of eggs the growth of follicles is assessed and the numbers of eggs being produced are monitored. When the follicles are ready for retrieval you stop taking the medications and take an ovulation trigger that brings you to the final step of maturation. The retrieval is planned 36 hours after the trigger. The eggs are then removed from the ovaries 4 hours before the ovulation is supposed to take place, so that means near about 40 hours after the trigger.

Egg retrieval: It is a painless procedure done under anesthetics. The doctors retrieve eggs from ovarian follicles using ultrasound. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and after the procedure you are asked to take rest. Normal activities are resumed from the next day.

Egg preservation: After retrieval the eggs are preserved with us at Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai, the process is called as Vitrification. Eggs are frozen until ready to be used.

What are chances of pregnancy as the age progresses?

For women each growing day brings a lesser chance of being pregnant. The egg production decreases each day after a woman crosses 30. The woman is most fertile from 18-29 and after that the quality and quantity of egg declines. Women under the age of 30 have 25% of chances of getting pregnant naturally in each cycle. The chance comes down to 20% for women who are over 40 and by the time they reach 40 the chance declines to 5%. Egg freezing is the best fertility preservation method in such cases.

Indo Nippon IVF clinic Mumbai are the pioneers in the field of egg freezing, with a team of decades of experience and huge number of successful cases- We are the number one in this field. Goral Gandhi, laboratory and scientific director Indo Nippon IVF Mumbai advises Egg freezing to every woman who wishes to delay motherhood and wants to focus on Business, career, education or a settled relationship.