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We all know that most women share a common dream of becoming a mother. However, what many of us do not realize is that the female fertility begins to decline really early in life and for many women, this dream becomes increasingly difficult to make true.

Biological Clock of a woman:

When an expectant mother is about 20 weeks pregnant, a female fetus growing in her uterus has 6‐7×106 oocytes or eggs or ova. This number does not increase. It only starts to decrease from here and the girl is born with 1-2 million eggs. When she reaches puberty, she has only 300,000 eggs left – just 15% of original eggs. At age 30, she is left with 240,000 (12%) oocytes and by the time she turns 40, she is left with just 60,000 oocytes – 3% of the original number!

If you see in terms of chances of pregnancy, conception rates remain high into the early 30’s. After age 35, the chances decrease really fast and reach nearly zero pregnancy potential by the time the woman reaches age 45. The decline in quantity of eggs is also combined with a decline in the quality of eggs. Women over 35 have an increased risk of miscarriage and/or genetic abnormalities in their children. This is what we call the Biological Clock of a woman – it is ticking, and it goes only one way.

Why freeze eggs?

Now, Many women delay family building due to a variety of reasons – some may be waiting for their Mr Right, others may be pursuing higher education or career development or some may want to get financially secure.

Fortunately, the option of efficient and reliable egg freezing allows you to proactively preserve your fertility until you are ready to have children. It gives women some flexibility as far as the time frame within which they can reproduce is concerned.

Egg Freezing is a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored as a method to preserve fertility. This method has advanced greatly over the past few years, and if done by experts using the most advanced Cryotec vitrification method, then the chances of success are very high.

We at Indo Nippon IVF take great pride in helping to empower women to feel more in control of their bodies and lives with top line information on egg freezing and female fertility. We are confident that Egg Freezing will improve your chances of conception with your own eggs at a more advanced age.

I am sure there are many questions brewing in your mind – who needs egg freezing? Am I the ideal candidate for egg freezing? How many eggs should I freeze? How much does egg freezing cost? What does the process involve? What are the success rates? What are the side-effects? Please write to me on goral@indonipponivf.com or schedule an appointment with us. We will address all your questions.

Why choose Egg Freezing at Indo Nippon IVF?

Eggs are extremely fragile cells. Scientists have been freezing sperms and embryos for over 4 decades, but it is only since last few years that we have been talking about egg freezing. Freezing eggs requires an extremely careful and efficient approach. The success of your egg freezing cycle is entirely dependent on your egg quality and your embryologist. The chances of having a baby from your frozen eggs is largely dependent on the way your eggs are frozen, stored and subsequently thawed and fertilized.

Our founder and Laboratory Director Goral Gandhi is a pioneer in the field of Egg Freezing in the country. She has trained over 600 embryologists from over 15 countries in the technique of Egg Freezing. She has delivered over a 100 lectures in national and international conferences on the subject of achieving 100% survival rate for Egg Freezing (www.learnivf.org ; www.goralgandhi.com)

We pledge to take care of your precious eggs in the best possible manner, till the day of your dream of having a baby comes true!