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Resuming Fertility Treatment Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


Indo Nippon IVF is pleased to announce that after a temporary suspension of services due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now ready to welcome back patients and resume our activities in a stepwise manner.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been many guidelines released by academic bodies of our field regarding resuming fertility treatments amidst the Corona virus pandemic. Our priority has been to study all of these guidelines in detail and prepare the strategies and protocols so that we can confidently offer treatment to patients with all possible safety measures in place.


Steps taken by Indo Nippon IVF:

What we have done before we reopen to patients:

  • Before we start seeing any patient, we have very thoroughly deep cleaned the entire clinic using strong viricidal disinfectant to make it absolutely safe for us, all our staff and of course our patients. We have laid down extremely stringent daily disinfection protocol and the entire staff of Indo Nippon IVF is being very well trained to adhere to this protocol.


  • Apart from this cleaning routine, we are revalidating all our equipment in the embryology lab. They are not used for weeks, and before we resume treatment, we want to make sure that we create absolutely safe and perfect environment in the Indo Nippon IVF lab for your embryos to grow.


Changes that will happen once we reopen:


  • When you seek an appointment with us, there will be a triage. It means that you will be asked about possible coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat) and also whether you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. If all your answers are negative, then you will be seen and offered treatment. The same couple will then be questioned again to ensure that there has been no change during the treatment and stimulation period. Covid test will be done before the procedure, at around day 8 /9 of stimulation. Now, the most important question coming to your mind may be – what if I turn positive? Well in that case, stimulation will be cancelled and treatment will be deferred till you turn negative, unless it is a case of Fertility preservation or OHSS.


  • Social distancing – The appointments will be staggered – so as far as possible, there will be no overlaps. Waiting area will have seating as per advised physical distances.


  • We will ensure that each person coming into the clinic is wearing a mask, removes footwear outside the clinic, has a temperature check and disinfects hands at the entry point. The patients will be given face shields as an added layer of protection for them and our staff. We will ensure compliance to a strict hand hygiene policy even for the patients and there will be hand sanitizing stations at multiple places in the clinic.


  • Time between two appointments will be increased, so we have enough time between two patients for thorough disinfection of all areas.


  • Another change you will notice is that a lot of your appointments will be tele consultations. We will minimize your visits to the clinic and we are going to ask you to come alone, without your partner for some of the appointments. We want to minimize the footfalls in the clinic.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – PPE is not new to any IVF clinic, but during this time, we will have some added PPE. For example, all the staff will be wearing surgical Masks, gloves, caps and face shields. Even the patients will be given PPE. This is again to protect you the patients as well as our staff.


We have really thought through every lab procedure, every parameter. Please rest assure, you can very safely resume your family building goals with us at Indo Nippon IVF, with confidence in your heart, that your clinic has taken every step to minimize the risk of infection to you and our staff, when we reopen.

We all know that the virus is not going away anytime soon, and this will be the new normal in the way Indo Nippon IVF will operate for months to come. Even before the pandemic, I used to train all my students and embryologists to be almost paranoid about hand hygiene and disinfection, and I feel in these COVID times, it is better to err on the side of excess as far as social distancing, hand hygiene and disinfection protocols are concerned.

I thank all patients for being really supportive. I know it has been very frustrating for many of you but this was a very necessary step for all our safety. I am happy to say that we are ready to reopen as soon as the government gives a go-ahead for Mumbai.

Until then, keep well , please stay at home and stay safe!


We will not see any walk-in patients. Please book prior appointments.

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